Monday, November 24, 2008

The CMH Miltia

There exists, at a hospital in a modest seaside town, a group of individuals known collectively as the CMH Militia. Several times a year, these unasuming drones of the medical field shed their scrubs and take up arms (lots of big guns) simply for the benefit of stress reduction. Creating atrocious amounts of noise has little to do with this exercise, nor does blowing stuff up in spectacular fashion. No, it's really about the destruction. Arbitrarily destroying whatever is designated a target provides some relief from the pressures of working in medicine, especially if the object has some emotional or sentimental value (eg: custody lawyers, exes pets, tax collectors). These normally steady, patient men, burn through hundreds of clips, thousands of rounds in a brief flury (orgy?) of masculine self-expression. Call it "Weaponized Healthcare".