Monday, December 22, 2008

The CMH Militia Rides Again!

Saturday, the 20th, in the snow covered hills of the Ojai high-country, the silence of morning was shattered by an eruption of gunfire, and the tang of fresh cordite mingled with the blue haze of gun smoke. The small creatures of the meadow fled in abject fear for it was apperant that the Militia had come to play.
A bit of pre-holiday stress reduction was the order of the day. We discharged over a thousand rounds from aproximately 20 different weapons. Of the ten men attending only Rich, Keenan, Dustin and myself were militia veterans. The new guys were game: the Jasons, Ryan, and Vince. The amount of fire-power we were able to bring together was a bit excessive:

Ruger 10/.22, Glock 9mm, S&W .40, Kimber .45, Ruger Mini-14, Wetherby .300, S&W .22 match, Mossburg pump 12 gauge, Ruger .357, S&W .357, Winchester .30-30, Remington auto 12 gauge, Taurus .380, Springfield .45, Colt .44 black powder, Glock .40 and more...

With clear skies, cool temps, and snow on Cherry Creek, shooting conditions were ideal and we all had a great day. Lunch at the Deer Lodge was a hoot, and now that we have corporate sponsorship, the tab wasn't a concern (thanks Biotronic and EV3).

As for other weekend events, the Lamb of God (not what it sounds like) show was unbelievable. I'm surprised the place is still standing. I've got a torn lip, courtesy of an unintentional elbow in the mosh. Vince and I spent the whole show either in the pit, or at the edge pushing guys back in. It stayed mostly friendly. As for the Nutcracker Ballet at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center, how do I say this? I wanted to crawl into a dark corner and cut my wrists, but Ruth seemed to enjoy it, which is all that really matters. The rest of the week will probably suck. A visit to grandpa in the old folks home on Christmas Day, enjoying the same stories I've heard every time I've seen him since childhood. The mother-in-law from Idaho arrived at our house, with one days notice(sarcastic remark about broom-speed omitted). I'm on-call Friday through Monday, so all of Ventura's cardiac ills will ring out my 2008. One bright spot, maybe I'll take Scott and Liz to the Getty on Christmas Eve. I'd like that.

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