Friday, January 2, 2009

Matilija Creek, Ojai, 01/04/09

Good Day! Bad, #!*@!ing expensive day!@#*!!!

Dave Rivas and I busted out a 13 mile day hike up to the three waterfalls on Matillija Creek. It's a great hike which covers a variety of terrain and I always feel worked when I get back to the truck. I hit this trail at least five times a year, usually in the summer months due to the abundance of primo swimming holes. Today was made for speed with cool and clear conditions. Averaging 3.5 mph in a creekbed translates into an excellent workout.

Here's the expensive, jacked-up part. I fell off a boulder, eight feet down into a deep pool, got totally submerged. The tradjedy is that I had Ruth's digital camera in one pocket and my i-pod in another. The camera be dead. It is now an ex-camera. I'm holding out hope for the i-pod. The camera was older and wasn't working right all the time but I wasn't ready to replace it yet, though I already know which camera to buy: the Olympus Stylus. Compact, powerful, shock-resistant, and, best of all waterproof! Okay, I'm over it. Oh shit! I forgot to mention that my sunglasses are somewhere on the bottom of that icy pool! Now I'm over it...sort of. I keep telling myself it is all part of a grander purpose that I wasn't meant to comprehend. Maybe it's like paying your medical deductible for the year, only it's for replaceable material goods. Maybe it's a pricey reminder to pay attention when I'm STANDING ON THE EDGE OF A ROCK OVER A DEEP POOL OF ICE WATER!

Now I'm over it. I've been meaning to expound on the numerous qualities of this trail but I don't have the time right now. I'll blog it later. Tonight I've got to sleep. Ruth and I are leaving at 5AM for a day of snowboarding in Big Bear. We've got to be in good shape by the end of the month when we go to the real stuff in Colorado.


  1. I totally know what you mean. I'm coming down Saddleback Butte this afternoon, and I updated some things on Facebook with my iPhone, while I'm walking mind you, and I think to myself, that if I drop it, I'm screwed. Then in hindsight, I think, why did you do that you idiot.

    Sorry for the loss, but hey, you get to upgrade!

  2. As the competent second of our two man mountain wrecking crew, this is all too common occurance. For those of you who dont know, when Mr. David Stillman (aka Crash Fistfight) is in close proximity to any body of water, the force of gravity increases ten fold. If he walks by a lake or a stream, chances are he's going in the drink. At first I thought he was just trying to show me what a good swimmer he was. But now I'm certin that gravity just dos'nt like Dave.

  3. Those are some nice pics you managed to save. At least your camera was older...I dropped my wife's one week old Panasonic Lumix FS-5 in Piru Creek on a backpack trip a few months ago! I'll have to check that place out, I hadn't heard of it before.