Monday, October 26, 2009

The Blue Heron Ranch Dogs at Matillija 10/25/09

Yesterday's hike up matillija was more than just a hike. Neil Cowan and I had the canine escort courtesy of the Blue Heron Ranch dogs. The Lab started barking us up as we approached the ranch and the Germans came out to see what was the hubbub. After sloberry greetings and belly scratching all the way around the dogs stayed right with us the whole way, 5 miles up the canyon. Everything just felt a bit better than it normally does: the light was brighter, the shadows deeper, the water cooler, the colors more vivid, etc... Just an extra nice day. And the dogs made it that much more so. I have seldom, if ever, met dogs that I liked better.

The image below isn't upside down, it is a reflection.

Eventually the trail reaches a point where the dogs can't go, but take a look at the picture below. They waited 1:15 hours for us to return. I felt a bit honored, like they held us in such high esteem that they waited for us. They got the rest of my jerky for that. Best dogs ever.

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