Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breckenridge, CO part II: apres ski

Ahhh, the gorgeous, quaint, rustic town of Breckenridge. As they say, "The perfect ski mountain, the perfect ski town.". Let me share with you what's to do apres ski. This week was the annual Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Festival with international and local teams competing. This was pretty cool to see. Ten foot square blocks of snow being sculpted in the Main Street Park. Also, on Friday night every TV in Breck was tuned to the Winter X-games, held just down the road in Aspen. Several local athletes were competing, and Breckenridge can boast two winter Olympian this time around. So, yeah. The winter vibe was in full display on wintery store fronts, on every page of the local paper, in the conversations at the coffee counter.
As for the shops, they range from the best toy store this side of New York, to trendy boutiques, to the full service ski shops, galleries, head shops, nick-nack shops...etc. And the food, OMG! The Briar Rose (5 stars), Fatty's (nearly the best pizza I've ever tasted and a threat to North Fork in Bellingham), South Ridge (the craftsmanship, the flavors, sauces, and atmosphere make it our new favorite dining experience), The Crepe Wagon (whose strawberry shortcake crepe should be illegal), and of course Clint's, a seemingly ordinary coffee bar whose in-house baker (she is a genius) creates the finest brownies, blueberry bars, lemon muffins, and the most devine carrot cake in the world. The world! We bought a tupperware just so we could bring home a bunch of stuff. I was chanting "Carrot cake, carrot cake" on the whole flight to Denver. And not to be left out, the Town Fox (see below). Every town in Summit County has it's patron fox. We've seen them in Frisco and Keystone. I got to meet the Breckenridge Town Fox one quiet evening on this trip. He's crafty.
I can't say I'm thrilled to be home.

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