Saturday, February 13, 2010

Topatopa Bluff, 02/13/2010

So how do you know if you're having a great day? You live it.
I hiked up Topa Topa yesterday, a gorgeous weather day. I took my time and though I hiked fast, I stopped frequently. It was just one of those days when one has to stop and look around. The last stage to the summit was mostly through untracked snow. The views were as you would expect because, hey, you're having a great day. All islands reporting in. And about that photo above? Ordinary turkey vulture. In fact, a pair of them turned some lazy loops around the summit before departing. I just sat chuckling at my good fortune.

An unusual aside. On the way up I had passed a pair of nice ladies who were heading for the summit. We chatted and I gave them a couple of directions. As I was descending I met them, making their way up the final stretch. We all agreed that the hike was long and steep. I mentioned my pet name for this hike, "The Suffer Machine". One of the ladies lit up and said, "Oh, you're the guy! We read your blog!" So that was kinda cool. I didn't know anybody read this little thing of mine (well, except mom and dad). That was really nice.

Next weekend I'm scheduled to return to this peak. I'm tagging along with three guys from work. They are all in their fifties. I'm already calling "The Geezer Hike".


  1. Hey David... one of the girls you met on Topa Topa on Saturday, here! Great meeting you and thanks again for the guidance on the trail location. It took us a bit longer than 20 minutes to finish that last bit of climb, but am happy to say we made it! Our reward was the amazing vistas and a few moments to soak in the achievement before heading down to reality. Keep writing and we'll keep reading!