Monday, August 23, 2010

It's August, Back to Matilija.

Yeaterday was the type of day we SoCal hikers dream of, hot and dry with cool water near-by. It being that type of day, I could really only go one place, Matilija. I took and old friend, Randy, who has returned from the enchanted isles of Hawaii to re-enter the rat race. We ran a hi-tempo pace all the way up the canyon, stopping only for photos. From the top we worked our way back down, hitting several pools along the way.
Yeaterday was a more photogenic day than usual, as you can see. Also, though I was not quick enough with the camera, I did see a beautiful ivory & ebony banded king snake and I caught two glimpses of an enormous great blue heron, rare in this canyon. I have never seen a tarantula in Matilija and on this day I saw two. This was just a beautiful day, enjoy the photos.

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