Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few of Crash's favorite outdoor pics of 2010

As we wrap up the year I thought I'd go back through some of the pictures I've posted this last year and share with you a few of my favorites. I may add a few more but this is a good start. Enjoy.

Above: This little mountain king snake was a rare find, and quite a treat (until he started biting me).
Above: I got this picture just last week. The lady bugs, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, had blanketed a small area of the forest. As I passed through I collected quite a few of the airborne ones.
Above: God-rays over Upper Ojai.
Above: Manzanita clinging to the ridge that ascends Hines Peak.
Above: Myself, taken by Dave Rivas while ascending St. Jean Couloir on Split Mountain. That's Red Lake below. This route really kicked our ass the whole way to the summit. The glissade down the chute was wild.
Above: I took this shot of my wife Ruth on a beautiful blue-bird day at Big Bear. This picture says "easy cruisin'" to me, and I've got the hots for that boarder chick.
Above: I shot this beautiful bear print a few weeks ago on the Horn Canyon Trail in Ojai. These tracks, and the tracks of her cub were still warmer than the surrounding soil. I followed the tracks up the trail for over a mile.
Above: I got this shot of Dave Rivas as we climbed Middle Palisade. I like everything about how this shot is framed, the exposure of the climb and the contrast of the glacier below.
Above: I found this tarantula (dead) floating down Matilija Creek on top a clump of algae. I just think this is a really cool picture. Pardon.
Above: I nearly stepped on this beautiful butterfly frozen in spring-water and sediment.
Above: Myself, at the false summit of Middle Palisade. Dave Rivas took this shot while I was looking around, momentarily confused about which way to go. We had just raced up the peak in capitol style. It was a good day.
Above: Self portrait looking down the north-west ridge White Mountain at sunrise. I was feeling pretty good about life right then. Taken using iphone.
Above: This shot was taken in Horseshoe Meadows, a High Sierra paradise.
Above: This picture of a high sierra lake at sunrise has gotten a number of hits on Flickr.
Above: I got lucky all the way around with this shot of the transient waterfall that runs off a mesa near Bear Heaven, Los Padres NF.
Above: How many of my favorite photos have originated in Tar Creek? I do know that every time I go down that canyon I see something in a new light.
Above: Even with a wide-angle lens (which I didn't have) I couldn't have really shot the enormity of the Big Narrows.
Above: I really like this self-taken shot. Atop White Mountain. I like it's sense of space.
Below: I went for an unusual perspective when I got this picture of Nevada Falls in Yosemite.

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