Friday, September 14, 2012

Lookout Peak, and a little R&R in Kings Canyon National Park (photo essay)

Ruth, topping out on her first Sierra summit, Lookout Peak. This 8,500' peak is a tough walk. The trail takes off right from Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon and climbs 4,000' in six miles. The top is decorated with 2 communications repeaters which are bolted to the calico granite summit. The view from the summit, looking down and east into Kings, is worth every drop of sweat it took to get there. 

By now, those of you that keep up with this page know that Ruth and I just returned from an uncommonly good weekend in Kings Canyon. I've shared a bit on our multiple bear encounters and I posted the massive sequoias of Grant Grove, now its time for the rest of it. I've decided to take the lazy route and go with photos and captions.

The Kings River, somewhere upstream of Road End.
The Kings River and Muir Rock (in the foreground). This site is usually overrun with tourists. North Dome in the distance.
Ruth and I spent some time off-trail, just enjoying the woods.
Ruth and very blue sierra skies. Somewhere upstream of Road End.
This shot was taken between Muir Rock and Zumwalt Meadow.
Ruth and I at the footbridge upstream of Zumwalt Meadow.

North Dome and the Kings River.

On the eastern edge of Zumwalt Meadow.

North Dome.

Zumwalt Meadow.

A climbing bolt and blue sky.

This area got scorched in a controlled burn back in 2007. The only reason I know that is that I remember walking through this area while the tree roots were still smoldering.

Ruth and I at the incomparably cool Roaring River Falls.

An afternoon diversion on the Kings.

View, northeast from Lookout Peak. Kings is the deep glacial canyon to the right.

A view into the western part of The Canyon. 

This is another view of the Kings River, same footbridge as in a picture above.

The summit, and marker, of Lookout Peak.

Cloudburst over Kings

Same photo as above only zoomed out. This entire weekend I was crying for a better camera.
Ruth at Sheep Creek Cascade.
We grabbed some stuff and headed up the road to Zumwalt Meadow to catch one of the best light shows on earth, the sierra sunset. In this case, we watched the shadows creep up a paste shaded Sentinel.

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