Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mammoth for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend. America's expression of "thankfulness", for an extended weekend of sanctioned gluttony spent either on the couch watching football, or at America's arenas of bloodsport consumerism (Walmart and ilk). As for the football, it seems that Romo should just get paid by the opposing team, and Go Irish! the 18 year knight is over. As for Black Friday (now Thursday it seems), I will only ask a question of my own...What would an alien race think of America and Americans if they only stayed with us through the Thanksgiving Day weekend? The coup d'grace would be if the ETs thought they'd give us a second chance but returned to America on Super Bowl Sunday. We, as a nation, would be immediately vaporized, the charges read would include the galatic equivalent of "extremely bad taste".

Having no obligations (familial, traditional, occupational or otherwise) on this four day weekend gave us a chance to maybe start a little tradition of our own. If that turns out to be the case and this getaway to Mammoth was actually the "first annual", then we set the bar high on the fun meter. A few hours after we checked in at the Village we headed back down the road to The Restaurant at Convict Lake. Charmingly rustic, with fantastic food and outstanding service, this is one of our favorite places to eat anywhere. Dinner did not disappoint. Afterward we drove to the lake and enjoyed the moonlight on the snowy peaks ringing Convict. It was a very nice Thanksgiving.

Friday and Saturday we boarded. We had good early season conditions, brilliantly sunny skies with temps in the high 40's. Things got a little icy off the groomers, especially in the AM. We boarded all day both days, and like I said earlier, the crowds weren't as bad as I had anticipated. Besides, Mammoth is a huge place and it was fairly easy to find less populated areas. Ruth was boarding really well. She is a black diamond boarder for real, and she chased me down the East Bowl gully without blinking. It was just an all around awesome weekend.

To watch the above video in HD, Click this link. 

And that's a wrap for this lovely weekend in Mammoth. I'll be back in the SLP this week, though the forcast for my day off is reminiscent of my last outing to Samon Peak, low clouds and rain. Let's see if I can find the summit of my intended target on this one. Got me a little adventure lined up for Wednesday. Hope you all had a nice holiday.
Left to right: The Minaretes, Mt Ritter (did in '05), and Mt Banner.

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