Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BRMs On Steroids, Bedrock CA

Under an airy canopy of ancient oaks can be found a collection of bench rock mortars (BRMs) par excellence. I haven't ever encountered so many, so big, and so close together. In photo above you'll see that some of the BRMs seem to have been arranged by design, with a bit of artistry in mind. You'll also observe that a recent thunder shower had left a bit of water in these mortars highlighting their secondary use as a catch basin. It's easy to imagine the Chumash covering these holes with woven mats to preserve and protect stored water. The site has all the prerequisites for easy coastal living, access to both the backcountry and coastal region, a reliable water source not too far away, and the kind of forested country that the Chumash preferred. The size and depth of these mortars speak to generations of use. History writ in stone.

Link: Native American Art, My Perspective

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  1. That is indeed a fine collection of bedrock mortars; as you pointed out,definitely some artistry present!