Monday, August 12, 2013

Tule Elk and Pronghorn Antelope, Carrizo Plain 08/10/13

Tule Elk on the Plain.
The other day was exceptionally good for wildlife on the Carrizo, and I feel pretty fortunate to have seen all this stuff in less than 24 hours. Even more fortunate to have the lenses needed to bring you these shots. Unfortunately I was too slow to grab a shot of the great horned owl I spooked at Traver Ranch, but they can't all be winners. Was a big owl though, probably the biggest owl I've seen that wasn't a Snowy. And I had another encounter, one of a reptilian nature, from the previous evening which I'll share in the next post. As for the elk and the antelope, I only got these shots because I was cycling around quite a bit, and sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
Tule elk, same herd.
Pronghorn Antelope, Carrizo Plain

I spotted this coyote discreetly shadowing the elk herd.