Monday, September 22, 2014

Snooping around in Stone Corral

Sulfur Mountain from the Alder Creek Trail.
This hellion of a summer is drawing to a close at the same time that my house remodel is wrapping up. I am very pleased about both these circumstances. It's definitely time for me to get off my butt and resume business as usual.

A step in re-acquiring my taste for brush was initiated this last weekend when I spent some time tromping around in a little visited landscape of brush and rock called Stone Corral. I had genuine motives for looking the place over; I'd always been interested seeing the Stone Corral view of Topatopa and Devils Heart Peaks, been curious about some of the drainages pouring into the Sespe from there, and generally curious about what (if anything) there might be hiding in the rocks and gullies that I've always been to busy to explore. Also, this was a bit of recon for future, as yet unformed plans.

The views across the Sespe were indeed remarkable. The rock formations and gullies were entertaining and somewhat interesting, though nothing about the area is truly intriguing. By the end of the morning I'd had my fill and was content with the day. But it had been good to be out and getting scuffed up again. In those rare moments when the household hammers have fallen silent I've been working up an enticing list of things I'd like to accomplish and places I'd like to see in the coming months. Hope you'll stick around for the stories.

Epic in scale, Topatopa Peak as seen from Stone Corral.
A nice little mule deer, spooked out of a gully by my approach.

Topatopa and the Stone Corral drainage.
A look northwest toward Thorn Point, San Rafael Peak and McDonald Peak.


  1. Looks kind of familiar...nice area.
    Mike B.

  2. It would appear you have a sweet deal:

    1) Backcountry adventure by day.....
    2) All the amenities of a full remodel awaiting you upon return....

    Enjoy the new setup!