Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Just Back: The Pacific Northwest

Mt Baker from Skagit Valley, WA.

I've been away for a week. This was originally intended to be a snowboarding trip but this winter's ridiculously resilient north pacific jet stream has largely bypassed the west coast, leaving places like Mammoth, Tahoe, Mt Hood, the Washington Cascades, and Whistler begging for anything that might be snow. At Mt Baker, one of my favorite powder kegs, they're just pushing the snow around to make runs. It's bad, but the tickets were booked, and it was a good opportunity to visit with my parents and see some other sites. In other words, we were good little tourists. Enjoy some photos from our trip. Feel free to click any image to enlarge it.

Whatcom Creek, Bellingham, WA.
Totem Poles, Vancouver, BC. [and below]

Ruth at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, BC.
Pass Lake, Widbey Island, WA
Puget Sound from Chuckanut Drive.
Deception Pass Bridge.
Point Wilson Light House.
Alexanders Castle, Point Wilson, WA.
Puget Sound from Larrabee State Beach, WA.
A Washington ferry landing on Puget Sound.
Downtown Vancouver, BC.
Bald Eagle(s), Skagit Valley, WA. [and below]

From the permanent Northwest Native Art collection at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). [and below]
Bellingham Bay, WA.
Seattle Skyline.
Mt Rainier
The North Cascades.
Flocking snow geese, Skagit Valley, WA.


  1. Cool shot of Puget Sound from Larrabee State Beach. Really like that downtown Seattle shot as well. Nicely done my friend.