Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lockwood Valley, Grade Valley, & Apache Canyon, 04/25/09

Had myself an outstanding day exploring the Los Padres/Mt.Pinos areas on the bike. I started on Grade Valley Rd. out of Lockwood Valley. I rode 20+ miles there, hitting Half Moon Camp and the Johnson Ridge Trailhead, stopping now and then for photos. I saw only one other party in the entire valley, which has several creeks and wide swaths of forest.

Later I explored an abandoned ranch house which, judging by the electrical outlets and old furnace, dates back to well before the 1940's. It was probably a working ranch before the advent of electricity. There were several out-buildings made of genuine adobe, clay mixed with straw. Those structures were all but falling down. On the walk out I was greeted by a small herd of horses, maybe 12, who were curious to see who had dropped by.

Eventually I arrived at the trailhead for Apache Canyon OHV area and after unloading the bike, rode 10 twisting miles into the Cuyama badlands. That place felt really remote, and I was glad that I always carry what I need to survive for a couple of days in case I become stranded. The Canyon widened out at several points revealing wide planes of mesquite, juniper, and tiny wild-flowers. It was very pretty. Spring has arrived for the high-desert. What a great day.

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  1. That ranch house was the Reyes homestead, Jacinto Reyes 1st area forest ranger. I've seen a dated photo of the place in it's later days of glory on some Frazier park/Lockwood Valley historical sight, but not finding it at the moment. Mike Sarver