Sunday, April 26, 2009

Matilija Falls, 04/26/09

I had a fantastic day in the Ojai backcountry with Dave Rivas. We did the 14 mile round trip day-hike up the Matilija watershed. This is a long and strenuous creek-bed hike that we do several times a year. Neither of us had been up there since spring started and the foliage was green, the water was running great, and the temps were perfect.

Up in the canyon can be found numerous blue/green swimming holes, several nice camp-sites, and of course, the two sets of double falls. The first and more popular falls is the one I call the west falls and it is a true double waterfall, with one 60 foot waterfall filling a pool which spills over and becomes a 40 foot waterfall. This is a very pleasant place to relax and swim.

Up a North branch of the canyon is another, more spectacular set of waterfalls. The upper of the two falls is truly beautiful and boasts a deep turquios pool and several high points to jump from. We spent over an hour there, swimming and soaking up harmful UV rays.

On the hike out we added a very healthy Pacific Diamond-back to the other wildlife we had seen: ducks, jays, hawks, turtles and two other types of snake. This has been a really good weekend.

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  1. Hey, i was planning on camping at Matillija this weekend. I read that the person who lives on the right of way trail no longer lets people cross his property, is that true? Also, do you think there is still enough water there to swim and jump? One more thing, the first image where you are jumping off the top of the falls, is that fall where the creek forks? Like you head up the right fork and hike for a bit. Do you need rapp gear to get to the top? Just a few questions thanks for your time.