Friday, November 13, 2009

Tar Creek (Land of the Lost) 11/13/09

12/10/13: The US Forest Service will be enforcing access restrictions to Tar Creek soon. TC is part of the Condor Sanctuary established as critical habitat to this endangered bird and other wildlife. Epic numbers of visitors, and the trash and graffiti they have left behind, has led to the acknowledgment by the Forest Service that access must be curtailed and enforced. For more information on the impending action visit: Tar Creek Closure.

I took a mental health day from work and took Zero to the Tar Creek pools. As a result of the recent rains, the pools were in as fine a shape as I've ever seen them. I did a fair amount of trail work and trimming on the way down to the creek. Had a nice time lunching at the pools. This was really just a recon to see what the water levels were like.


  1. Hey David, I'm curious to know how far Tar Creek is from Pine mountain. I was looking to do some deep water soloing and camping near some boulder. Another question pertains to the water level. would you say there is still action at the waterhole or are they pretty low at this point? Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Roland, PM and Tar are so geographically apart as to be in different ends of the forest. Tar used to be an extremely hi-ball place to boulder but the landings were notoriously bad and a flood ha since completely destroyed most of the bouldering there. PM has a wide range of bouldering and a lot of it. As for deep water, there first has to be water, of which there seems to be very little in the SLP at this time. Best bet for that type of bouldering might be in the Lower Sespe rock garden next spring. -DS