Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hiking Rerun, Matilija. Yeah, it's nice.

The first good and hot day of our coastal summer and where else to go? Matilija has the only cold, clear water in the neighborhood. So there it is. Yesterday I went with Cliff Griffiths and we had a real nice day. As you can see, one can take only so many pictures of the waterfalls before they seem a bit repetitive, so I've been taking shots of everything else.

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  1. Hello David Stillman,
    I've enjoyed your writings and photos on your site, particularly the Matilija "Lost Falls" photos. Please send your contact information to my "site" at:
    Buz Bonsall (aka "Matilija Nazi") Rancho Canada Larga
    #1 Canada Larga Rd.
    Ventura Ca 93001.

    I'll get you a phone number to arrange an in-depth examination of the upper Matilija watershed.

    Thank You.