Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TaR&R Creek07/05/10

12/10/13: The US Forest Service will be enforcing access restrictions to Tar Creek soon. TC is part of the Condor Sanctuary established as critical habitat to this endangered bird and other wildlife. Epic numbers of visitors, and the trash and graffiti they have left behind, has led to the acknowledgment by the Forest Service that access must be curtailed and enforced. For more information on the impending action visit: Tar Creek Closure.

I grabbed at an opportunity to get out from under this cursed marine layer and rolled down Tar Creek with an old friend, Robert Hamilton. We went all the way to the bottom and pulled up a flat rock for some sun and mellow feelin'. This will be the last visit to Tar for a while as the water is greening quickly and the flow of water is drying up. No wildlife sightings to report. There were, however, numerous people in the canyon. I understand that it was a three day weekend but the number of people visiting Tar Creek has been rising exponentially for years. Why, I remember when...

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