Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hines Peak/Topatopa Bluffs, 03/06/11

You are reading what is very likely my lamest post ever. It seems that I made a mistake while importing the photos from this day-hike. A big one, like trying to download updates for the Mac while I imported the pictures. Also, the Mac gives one the option to erase photos from your camera with just a click. It seems that when all the updates restarted the Mac, my pictures (now erased from the camera's card) didn't make it. My mistake. It sucks.

As for Hines/Topa, I wish I had some pictures to illustrate the amount of snow still up there. On Hines I post-holed up to my waist a few times. Everything from the picnic table on the ridge was covered in snow to a depth of 6-20" which slowed me down quite a bit. Up near the Ladybug sign I saw some nice 4.5" kitty tracks, didn't see the cat though. It wound up being a cool, breezy 22 mile day.

Wish I had some pictures. Duh.

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