Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Matilija 03/09/11

Man, days like these are why it's worth living in SoCal. Simply gorgeous. I had initially thought about going to Chief's Peak but changed my mind on the fly...on a day this nice I had to opt for Matilija. I'm glad I did.

As I was walking in, good old Buzz was driving out in his retired military Humvee. I waved. He didn't. After that the day was all good. The walk started amidst a clamor of birds greeting one another at the start of the day. A bit later I spooked a large covey of quail. I saw fourteen ground squirrels as I strolled through the Blue Heron ( counting these squirrels is a hobby of mine; the record is 26 squirrels in 5 minutes). I thought it interesting that this particular population of rodents doesn't look skyward very often or they would have noticed a pair of mature red-tails circling overhead.
The whole day was just warm and golden. Water is rushing high through the creeks. Turtles are busy basking while young lizards skitter about. The first flowers of spring are blossoming and the hills are purple with ceanothus blooms. The waterfalls are arockin'.
On the way out I took a dip in the bathtub under the GBFB (Great Big F***ing Boulder). I couldn't resist. From an atheistic point of view, a day like this in a place like this has a hundred times more significance than a church service, and swimming in these creeks is a hundred times more purifying than any baptism.
I hope you enjoy the pics. I'll be trying to get out more now that ski season is wrapping up. See you on the dirt.

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  1. Is buzz still denying access to hikers?, I plan to go there this Saturday 04-02-11 can I still go through blue heron, or do I have to walk up the creek??