Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Banged up, hunting for sun, Tar Creek, 04/19/2011

Yesterday I ate shit in a creek, dislocated my my finger in addition to other tissue insults, saw a bobcat, and pissed off a rattlesnake. Today I'm feeling pretty banged up and not into going far or getting hurt in the process. I know I've chastised myself for numerous returns to Tar Creek, and I've recently said that I would be mixing some things up (and I will), but I wasn't feeling very adventurous today so I just sauntered down to the Land of the Lost and parked my butt on a warm rock.
I spent a few hours lazing around at the pools. Completed both the LATimes & NYTimes crosswords, thought about very little of consequence. Not a bad way to pass time, I say.

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  1. Hey, cool site. I've been meaning to go to Tar Creek for some time now. I was trying to figure out exactly how to get to the trailhead though, do you just park on Squaw Flats Road and hike down? And do you need a high clearance vehicle to get to the trailhead?