Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minnie Holland Rocks, 09/11/2011

On September 11th, Davi and I braved Hwy 1 and the hordes of flag sporting Harley riders for a little boudlering on some out of the way rocks off the Mulholland Highway above the Santa Monica Mts. The spot is named "Minnie-Holland" rocks.

These are a scattering of 5 or 6 decent rocks with highish top-outs. The rock is the same pockety stuff found all over the range: Camarillo Grove, Purple Stones, Echo Cliffs, Malibu Creek, etc...

We had a real fun day falling off rocks when we didn' manage to get up them. Sun, coastal breezes, and a little climbin'.
At the end of it, I'd gotten a nasty dose of contact poison oak. The stuff had apparently been all over Davi's gear and it stuck to me. I got a bit steamed about that, but hey, I should have known better than to haul around his gear given that doesn't get poison oak and therefore doesn't even think about such things. My bad luck, but let's not detract from a fun day.

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