Friday, June 8, 2012

Frazier Mountain Fire Lookout

In my last post I made a glaring error, an untruth, a gaff.  I was rightly corrected, and quickly, and accurately by readers like you. West Coast Red was the first to point out that I'd mixed up the location of an old fire tower, claiming it to be on Alamo Mountain when in fact it resides on Frazier Mountain next door. He was right, and his gentle ribbing took some of the polish off my turd. He also reminded me that the two fire watch towers in question, Thorn Point and this one on Frazier, look nothing alike, which makes him doubly correct and leaves me wondering who's brain I was using when I wrote that post. See, I'd already been there before on several occasions. These photos are from the most recent time I'd been by, I'm thinking 2007?

Dustin, Myself, and Jerry. 2007?

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