Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fishbowls, proper. 06/17/12

A couple weeks back I went off all gangbusters on the Fishbowls Loop Trail and completely air-balled the actual Fishbowls place, thing, spot...which turns out to be a really nice place, thing. Just ask my wife. She and I went out to the Fishbowls Camp and continued right on up the creek and there, just like everybody said, were some nice little bath tubs in a mellow little creek flowing down a narrow slot canyon rimmed by cedars. Nice.

Ruth packed this crazy picnic lunch of olives and chicken curry salad and pear slices and aged gouda get the drift. It was a very nice afternoon. We, of course, tested the waters, and there was no picture taking at that time but please feel free to enjoy these other photos from our little 12 miler.

Spot your local wildlife.

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