Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Trifecta of Mountaineering Excellence

Fresh comin' atchya! 
A trio of victories, each from the ground up, on three of California's toughest 14,000 foot peaks:
North Palisade 14,248'
Starlight Peak 14,200'
Thunderbolt Peak 14,003'
Davi Rivas and I have returned from the Sierra East Side, the steep side with some stories to share, so stay tuned folks, I've barely gotten home and it's back to the salt mines tomorrow so until I can write these peaks up individually, I'll just leave a few captions.

Descending Underhill Couloir, aka "The Undertaker"
High on the Palisade Glacier at sunrise,  about to really start climbing.

Me on lead, being belayed by Davi, negotiating towers high on Starlight's  northern ridge.

Davi staring up at 900 feet of mixed snow, junk snow, neve, and water ice called the U-Notch. This is the 3rd time we've climbed it and we are not the first to have lovingly called it the F**k U-Notch/ 

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