Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Tacoma gets an upgrade

When I high-centered the Perseverance twice in Death Valley a few months ago I came to the realization that it finally needed a lift kit, a top-notch pre-runner suspension, and some new body armor. And light kits front and rear wouldn't hurt either. I've been riding the new stuff for a month now and wondering why (besides the cost) I hadn't done this years ago. Duh. My last Tacoma had been lifted, what the hell Dave?

So here's what's on the truck now:

American Racing Mojave Teflon rims, riding 31" Kelly Safari 10 plys
Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 4 Suspension System, with coil-over front shocks, front and rear reservoir shocks, Icon upper control arms, and added leaf springs in the rear. This kit is generally the best reviewed suspension over-haul for this vehicle and the truck, which always handled dirt as well or better than any factory 4x4, now feels like a Formula 1 racer on fire roads, all while preserving that Pre-Runner feel. Its scary what this truck can do now. I also added Icon's lower control arm skid armor to protect the CV-boots and steering arms.
Fab Fours Rear Bumper and Front Winch Bumper, with full bull bar.

And to shed some light I put a 20" LED light bar up front and twin hi-power LED lights on the rear. As for the front light bar, I'm pretty sure it's bright enough that it can be seen from space. And the lights on the rear? Lets just say that two tail-gaiting lowlifes have experienced momentary blindness at least once in their life. Its strangely effective.
Am I a happy off-roader? Yes I am.

This was all put together for me by Tiger and his mechanics at: Go Big Truck Performance in Ventura, CA. Definitely recommended.


  1. Looks great. No more Mister Nice Guy.
    Have you heard of ? Beautiful US built cars.
    Regarding the tailgating...
    Here is Mr. Eddy,

  2. Oh snap! I so forgot about that scene! Perfect!
    Hah! Take that, Batman! -DS

  3. US special ops also like to drive this car.

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