Friday, December 20, 2013

Sunset on Cuyama Peak

Cuyama Peak Fire Lookout. The LO cabin collapsed last winter.

 I had spent the day up in Santa Barbara and Alamo Canyons exploring and was wrapping the day up when it occurred to me that I didn't have to head straight home, and that a low cloud ceiling which hung over the region promised a dramatic sunset light show. To that end I drove up Dry Canyon to the summit of Cuyama Peak. Things could not have been timed more beautifully. Enjoy the photos (click any to enlarge), and up next will be a discussion of what I had uncovered earlier in the day.

A view NW toward the Caliente Range.

A view east to Cerro Noreste and Mt Pinos.

Caliente Mountain again.

Dry Canyon.


  1. Stellar Captures David!
    Especially the last three, your coloration and balance are impeccable.

    I was driving home along the 126 E as a rain-curtain moved west towards Fillmore, all lit up like a wall of sun-light it was. Just as we crossed into the rain the setting sun put a perfect double rainbow across the Santa Clara River Valley, rising from the Sespe Gorge and touching down in Grimes Canyon.

    I wish I had my DSLR.

    Happy Holidays to You Sir!

  2. Thanks Joseph. I've always been a bit of a shutterbug and just had to add a 4terabyte external hard drive to my Mac because apparently 2T wasn't enough.
    I always remember the day that I swore I'd never again go into the mountains without a camera. I was at the uppermost pools of Tar Creek on an overcast day, and looking up into a crack in the rocks about 12 feet over my head was the only ringtail cat/quatl I have ever encountered in the Los Padres. I almost cried at the missed opportunity. -DS