Friday, March 28, 2014

Antelope Valley Tour

California Aquaduct, Antelope Valley
Some days I'm just fine with tilting the seat back and burning a tank of gas. These are photos from such a day, of various aspects of the Antelope Valley. It seems like I have forever rushed through one end of this valley to the other, either on my way to some other place or on my way back home. I have told myself numerous times that I should go check out this feature or that road, yet have never taken the time. This morning the coastal marine layer left me feeling old and achy, devoid of my usual level of enthusiasm for anything athletic. I charged the camera, gassed up, threw some ice in the cooler and headed out for some Hi-Desert exposure. That blue sky and desert air'll do a body good.

Motor City relic

Desert wildflowers on the foothills (no CA poppies yet)

Long dead joshua tree
Wind Farm, Antelope Valley
Solar Farm, Antelope Valley
North America Buffalo, Pine Canyon

Elizabeth Creek
Mine, Elizabeth Lake Canyon (and below)

Summit 2356, above Lake Castaic

Castaic Lake

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