Monday, March 10, 2014

North Country Tour

A coin toss.

That's all Nico and I were left with after we discovered that a certain Forest Service road was closed. That road was supposed to open the door to a long, hard day of exploration, and it would have been helpful if the Santa Lucia Ranger District had updated their website. At the bottom of the closed road we threw out two hasty Plan B's, and the one that came up heads turned us to the Carrizo and led to a wide ranging day of cycling here and there. The previously mentioned road was not the only obstacle of the day, for we also ran up on a series of "No Trespassing" signs blocking access to another intended exploration. It was a good day, despite these frustrations, serving to inspire ideas that would circumvent the private property issues that stood between us and that particular goal. Much of the day we spent visiting places on the Plain that I was already very familiar with. Still, I see something new, or in a different light, every time I visit the Carrizo, as was the case yet again today. Nico is always good company and we share similar interests. We discussed many ideas, projects, plans, and came up with new ones while heading hither and yon. The day could have been a bust, but we're both more resourceful than that.

Plans and projects. They're in the pipe.

I finally got up the will to climb the 12 sketchy and loose feet up to a high ledge where this shaman is painted. Two highly polished,  carven toe holds aided in that short ascent.

Yes, that is a cowboy standing on his horse, looking for lost cattle. We 'd biked past a cow and calf which they were looking for. They rode over to ask and we were happy to point them in the right direction.


  1. The day didn't turn out as planned but I'm glad we managed to salvage it after the initial plan failed. And, like you said, lots of new plans laid for future endeavors.

    The shot of the shaman that you climbed to the upper ledge for came out great. Such an interesting setting for a pictograph... seems like the placement and subject matter of this particular picto suggests it would have been of special significance compared to the pictographs on the lower level. The challenging approach climb would support this theory too, I think.

  2. I agree with that last thought. In fact, that thought occurred to me the first time I visited that site. It was good to get out with you sir. -DS

  3. Hey Guys - Curious what road was closed that was not supposed to be.

  4. Ummm, yeah. That falls under the "Plans and Projects" clause. I'm gonna keep that one close to the vest for a bit. I'm a tiny bit sorry to be thoroughly unhelpful. -DS

  5. "Still, I see something new, or in a different light, every time I visit the Carrizo"

    Agree on the assessment; Carrizo is indeed a land of opportunity!

  6. I think the rock feature in the first pinnacle photo should be named "Drumstick Rock." I can't look at it and not think of a turkey drumstick.

  7. I suppose "Drumstick Rock" is a better moniker than my choice: "Herpetic Member Spire". Heehee. -DS