Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Argh!!! Winter Road Closures!

A tank of gas and 3 hours wasted! 
Before you say I shoulda called the Mt Pinos Ranger District, yesterday was Veterans Day so they were closed anyway. There's a lesson here. And I was really in the mood to do what I'd planned too.
Well shit.


  1. Followed by Dough Flat and then Pine Mountain.

  2. Guess they decided they didn't like closing the gates for weather and are back on the calendar: closed on Nov 1st. Except that they do then keep it all open for hunting season. Someone should point out that IT IS HIKING SEASON and we need the gates open.

    You'll have some strong mixed emotions about this, but it looks like they updated the Alterts and Notices page on the 10th. Imagine, Pinos updating something.

  3. Heheh. I've done that before. At that particular gate, too. Sucker!!!