Saturday, November 22, 2014


Some of you have noticed that the post detailing the descent of Deadman and Tecuya Canyons has been removed. Several days after posting that trip I got nasty-grams from both the Kern County Sheriffs Department and the Wildlands Conservancy (AKA the Wind Wolves Preserve) because I'd been trespassing on their land the moment I stepped foot into Tecuya Canyon. The ensuing conversation with the manager of the Wind Wolves wasn't particularly harsh but it was made crystal clear that if I set foot in the place again without prior authorization they will prosecute. I'd always wondered how zealous those folks were about their patch and now I know. Apparently they take their mission seriously.

This is by no means the first example of me being called out for providing evidence that I'd been somewhere I shouldn't have. Also, I'm beginning to think that various groups and agencies, or activists within them, are paying some attention to whatever mischief Stillman is up to. There have been plenty of days in the sticks that I've chosen not to share and this day should have been one of them. The takeaway from this episode is, a.) know when you're trespassing, b.) don't put it on social media, and c.) if caught, play nice and don't make things worse than they already are. Undoubtedly someone will comment that the real lesson is not to trespass in the first place... well, duh.  
I still think there are too many fences in the world.


  1. Wow! I guess they really are serious about it.

  2. Yup...too many stingy people not willing to share their wilderness!! Glad I got a chance to see your adventure before it disappeared. Well, there's nothing to say you couldn't repost the Deadman portion?

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!! This is great, I dig your transparency DS! Maybe you should have a secret blog following Fight Club rules... Or perhaps keep a list of TR's documenting your questionably legal exploits in print to be released upon your passing; A final "kick rocks" to the fence jockeys.

    PS. That is a well written letter following the ages old proverb; "cover thine litigious @$$." They mean business.

  4. Yeah, clearly they are possessive of their patch. Well, I wasn't planning on going back to that particular place anyway.
    Greg, believe me, I have a long list of ummm..., nefarious incursions. They are nicely memorialized, stored deep in my prefrontal cortex. -DS

  5. "I still think there are too many fences in the world."

    Dick Smith thought the same thing. He was in fact known for knocking fences down on occasion. And, as you are obviously well aware, they named a wilderness after him.

  6. that's pathetic. Get a life bureaucrats