Thursday, July 16, 2009

Matilija Swim, 07-16

Ruth and I both had the day free so we took Zero up to the pools on Matilija Creek. He got to try out his new boots which was initially hilarious (think tap-dancing dog having a seizure) but he caught on real quick and they worked well for him. It was damn hot, 95 degrees, so we took our time going up the canyon. We gave Zero plenty of rest and drink stops.

Just before reaching the "Turtle Pool" and just past the "Great Big F****ing Boulder" we got buzzed by this big boy (see below). He was really cranky and ready to bite. I'm not a fan of rattlesnakes on the trail, especially when they're enormous and hiding under a rock you have to step over. So it's a good thing he buzzed us because who knows what the dog would have done.

Soon we were relaxing in the turquoise waters of the "Turtle Pool" (our name), and Ruth had her floating lounger out. Zero's paws looked great thanks to the boots. We settled into a very nice afternoon. Check out this funny video of Zero crashing Ruth's lounger.

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  1. Glad to see that I can still live a SoCal life vicariously through you. Although I don't miss the 95° weather, I do miss the dryness. 90° weather + 95% humidity coming off Lake MI feels like the devil crawled up your ass.

    Good to finally see the wife sans snowgear. Zero's cute, too.

    Cheers! JT