Saturday, July 4, 2009

Multiple Things to Share (blog casserole)

After a murderous work week, during which I was sick as a immune deficient dog, I seem to be on the mend. I was able to complete the bathroom paint job, which means the bathroom remodel is officially done! Thank Dog! The results are fantastic and all the 1950's vintage stuff is long gone. New tub, sink, vanity, shower, floor, and all the fixtures. We finally have a nice bathroom! Words cannot describe Ruth's elation. Next weekend we paint and redecorate the spare bedroom. We've ordered a nice hide-a-bed couch, bought a 32" flat screen for that room, and are getting a couple other small pieces of furniture and a rug, also an nice organizer for above the desk where I'm sitting right now. Finishing that job means we move onto the laundry room. Below are before and after pics.

Today I had time to take the motorcycle up Nordoff Ridge Rd. This is a 4wheel drive road that traverses the spine of the coastal mountains from above Ojai all the way to above Santa Paula. On one side is nothing but Ojai and the coast, on the other is the Los Padres Wilderness. This was a spectacular ride, though dusty. I did wash out on a bad turn but no damage done to either me or the bike. Fun ride.

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