Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Topatopa via Rose Valley, 05/24/2011

Amazing. I had a day off without any constraints or responsibilities, so I fled to the hills. I hadn't ever taken the Rose Valley Connector trail end to end so I decided to start at Rose Valley campground and end up on Topa Topa. By the time I got back and added another mile for a detour to East Lions falls I put the day at about 20 miles.
As I reported a few posts ago, Lion's Canyon is pretty neat, a worthwhile trip in itself, but I just blazed on through and attacked the long grade up to Nordoff Ridge Rd. I was on top of Topa Topa in 3 hours flat, which I suppose is a pretty good pace. The summit was blustery so I didn't hang out for long.
I decided that I'd take my time on the return trip and do a little exploring. I did brief excursions up several small side canyons just to see what was there. Not much. I wandered back into East Lions and spent an hour at the falls before banging out the last 3 miles to the truck.

Here's some new news: I'm getting geared up for a big trip to the Sierra. This year's trip will, weather willing, produce some good stuff for the blog: five 14,000ft peaks. Stay tuned.

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