Monday, May 30, 2011

A Crush of Humanity Invades Tar Creek! Native Species Flee in Terror! 05/29/2011

Please do not leave webbing in the wilderness!
It strangles and kills condors!
Really? WTF people!?!
I spent a great deal of time this weekend sorting out the approximately 85 pounds of gear I'm going to be humping up to the Palisade Glacier very soon. I also sat around in the back yard doing copious amounts of nuthin. In the midst of all that labour, a flickering light bulb winked to life in my brain. Just how many people, on a sunny Memorial Day weekend, would be crawling all over Tar Creek. The answer was a bit appalling: I was there for 6 hours and lost count after 55 people. Shocking.
I spoke to a few of the scattered masses, asking, when I could, where they might be from. I got responses that surprised me: Redlands, Glendale, Oceanside... Shocking.
Above: Why, why do people need to prove to others that they've visited a place? And why do they think anyone cares?
Below: Some scum-sucking bottom feeder low-life pinko commie weasel has finally, and un-artfully, defaced my shade tree.
Below: this little lady wanted nothing to do with the noisy hordes in the canyon.
Below: This airborne gentleman is Aaron Fenton. He and I have commented on each other's blog from time to time. He does a local hikes blog for the northern San Diego area. You can find him at: It was cool to meet Aaron, his daughter, and friend (whose name escapes me, sorry). They seemed to be having a very good time in Tar.
Below: Evidence for naming the creek "Tar".
Below: Even Litter-Bugs can have good taste in empty carbs.
Below: Meanwhile, back at the trailhead,...
Check in in a couple weeks, I should have some great stories from an amazing 8 days in the Eastern Sierras.

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  1. I love the title of this post. It's a real shame the abuse Tar Creek has been subject to recently. I hope it doesn't start looking like Santa Paula Creek.