Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two easy, but breezy evenings on Pine Mountain, 10/20&21/12

Ruth and I wanted a quiet weekend away from home so we threw a bunch of stuff in the truck and bolted up to Pine Mountain as soon as I got out of work. We had all the appropriate equipage: puffy down jackets, firewood, a big tent with a queen-sized air mattress, lawn chairs, dutch oven etc... Camping at Pine was just the right call for the weekend. We woke up late both days, hiked around on Reyes a bit, enjoyed good food and enjoyed the company of the millions of birds that inhabit the ridge. It was a relaxed weekend, breezy and cool, with the promise of colder days to come. Anyway, it was just camping so there's not a lot to write about except that I just came up with a pretty sick idea for my next free day which ought to be right around Halloween. I have the feeling that this will be "One of Those Days", and some of you might recognize what I mean by that. Anyway, please enjoy a few shots from a nice weekend.

Moon and Sun, together in the same frame.

Sunset off Goleta, from Pine Mountain.

Fire Flowers (pine cones, actually).

Looking south from atop The Mothership (climbing area). 

The view southeast toward Rose Valley, Ojai and Ventura. Socked in.

What I hope would be my "final meal": filet mignon cooked on a wood fire, by me, with a sparky horseradish creme and shared with Ruth.

A sea of clouds.

Panorama south from Reyes Ridge.

Middle Lion, Rose Valley.
There were actually three of these ladies near the Piedra Blaca TH. 

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  1. You lucky dog. Two nights at Rancho Relaxo. Looks rather pleasant.