Thursday, October 3, 2013

Boxcar Cabin, Death Valley

I had gotten up early, run up and down Whitney, now what I needed was a place to crash. Why not take a tip from a friend of the blog, drive over to Death Valley and stay in a nice, snug cabin on the desert? The history of Boxcar Cabin is a bit difficult to pin down but the boxcar itself likely came from an abandoned rail line near Lone Pine. The cabin has been kept remarkably clean and the overall structure is in fair shape. The interior of the cabin boasts a small wood burning stove, comfy chairs, a cot, books and board games. The interior walls of the cabin are plastered with scribblings ranging from racial slurs and anti-government rants to flowery, rambling odes to the desert's mystical properties. There are many cartoonish doodles that are annoying in their banality, however there is also some very good art on these walls, particularly the watercolors (painting with watercolors is far more difficult than most people realize and I very much admired this artist's brush work). I threw down my own folding cot and enjoyed a very nice night

As weird as the Boxcar Cabin is, the website devoted to it ( is even weirder.

The north room, with a rickety wood burner and dismantled kitchenette. I threw my folding cot in here and had a really nice night.
The south room, where I relaxed with some tea and read for a bit before racking out. This room offers board games, books, views through screened windows that open, and an assortment of comfortable seating.
A painted glass window on the west wall.

Home on the range.

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  1. Like so many Southern Californian's David, you have a natural aptitude for real estate. Maybe this box car is your first flip ? You could use your photography talent's to showcase the houses you wish to sell. You already have a contractor-worthy vehicle. Your abseiling skills will come in handy when inspecting drain pipes while clients wait for your verdict on the front lawn.
    In the face of current national grind down, you show all that a stiff upper lip and a camera works a treat.