Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Native American Pictographs, Coso Range

To say that the area around Ridgecrest and China Lake NAWS contains a lot of rock art would be an understatement. Most of these sites are highly concentrated with pecked petroglyphs of numerous design. Pictographs (paintings) are more of a rarity in the region, and tend to be simple stick figures and shapes. Not so with this singular site. Polychrome red, yellow/orange, and black designs grace two sides of this immense boulder (I swear, if there weren't paintings on it I would have walked back to the truck and got my climbing shoes). Another neat aspect of this site are the thousands of pressure worked shards of obsidian scattered under foot (below), a clear sign of years of habitation.  This is a pretty special site, had a good vibe.


  1. Nice Find David,
    Stylistically it is reminds me of a hybrid between the more traditional Coso "pecked style" and Chumash. I especially dig the deer pictos!
    Yeah, I could see how that would be a tempting spot for some bouldering.....