Monday, November 25, 2013

The "new" Vertical Heaven

Wall #1

Vertical Heaven has not only changed their location but it seems that they've also changed their business model. If you're a kid, this is a good thing. If you're a chalk breathing gym rat, not so much.

Here's the bad news: over 60% less climbable wall space, no vertical roped climbing either on lead or top-roped, and only two large bouldering walls with little space to "lap the wall". Wall #1 is probably 80 feet wide with a nice overhang of good depth. Wall #2 is about 40 feet wide with less angle. And both climbing surfaces look like a petulant child hurled his bowl of Fruity Pebbles on them. On the bright side, the same old volunteer route setters have put up a number of excellent problems with a full range of difficulties.

Here's the good news: The place looks like Fruity Pebbles. The new padding is top notch. One no longer has to walk to Reality Church to pee, and the place is air-conditioned. VH will soon be catering to children and their parents. A tree house with it's own fireman's pole, and a party room are the centerpieces of the soon-to-be "Fun Zone". A separate studio within the building will soon be offering yoga once a week with more classes planned, at a reduced rate to monthly VH members. Non-members will, of course, pay more for the classes. Somehow the gym plans to use some of it's floor space for fitness machines. 

Regular monthly membership rates remain around $45/mo after a one-time $75 fee. Yoga classes will be offered at between $5-10 per class for members and should be going by mid-December, I am told. 
Vertical Heaven can now be located at 5600 Everglades St. in Ventura. The building looks pretty corporate from the outside and sits kitty-corner to the southeast of Victoria Care Center.

Wall #2
Wall #1
The studio on the left will have yoga, and you can see the "Fun Zone" under construction.

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