Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beartrap Canyon, 11/27/13

Upper Reyes Camp

The following are photos are from the Upper Reyes Creek drainage, the high-country between Reyes Canyons and Beartrap Canyon, and the Beartrap Canyon drainage. I spent the day exploring several of the side drainages coming off the north side of Reyes-Haddock Ridge, which feed into the uppermost portion of Beartrap Creek. It was a beautiful day for some off-trail exploring in a quiet stretch of lonely wilderness. And a beautiful place to spend some time. -DS

Upper Reyes Creek

A drainage that feeds Eastern Beartrap Creek.

East Beartrap Creek

Gene Marshal Piedra Blanca Trail.
The Cuyama Badlands, Mt Abel and Mt Pinos.
Reyes and Haddock Peak from Hwy 33
The coast from Hwy 33

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  1. Nice area & pics; looks like a nice way to warm-up for Thanksgiving.