Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exercise Under Blue Skies

Okay, I'm about tired now. And sore. About once a week Ruth and I run the Arroyo Verde Park trail (about 3 miles). So we went on Thursday and again today. In addition we ran (walked) up to Ventura's Two Trees (above), a local landmark. This is a pretty burley, and thankfully short, trail up a steep little coastal hill. It's a great view of town, the coast, the inland mountains, and the islands. Added to a full day of climbing on Friday, and yesterday's orgyastic buffet of cardiovascular exertion (Topa Topa Peak), today was the musculo-skeletal piece de resistance. So, yeah...I'm sore. Good thing I can chill until Thursday rolls around.

Just a note regarding our too brief SoCal spring. As you can see in many recent photos spring is upon us and the flowers are blooming, but what the pictures cannot describe for you is the "smell" of spring. An explosion of plant growth occurs in the local hills at this time of year and with it comes a boquet of smells that's unique. The smells of sage and flowers, weeds, thistles, grasses combine in a slightly humid aroma that can't really be described. Soon our spring will stretch into an early and dry summer, taking all these lovely smells with it.

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