Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Some Rope Time

I know it's been 2 weeks since my last outing, but I've been a busy guy. So now I've got two days to do stuff. Davi Rivas suggested getting on a rope, so that's what we did. We climbed Ending Crack at Sespe Gorge for a warm up. So nice, hanging at the end of that first pitch, in the sun, leaning back on the anchors, listening to the creek. That is, I think, the thing I enjoy most about any rock climbing I do these days: the quiet.

After rapelling down we headed up the road to tick a few sport-climbs on the Potrero John Wall. There Davi led several 5.10 face routes. I let him take the sharp end because I'm still babying that pesky biceps tendon that I tore 6 months ago. With a liberal tape job I was able to follow for him. I was pleased enough with my technique and it was a fun day on the rock. Enjoy the view of Mt. Reyes (above).
Tomorrow: The long dealyed Geezer Hike.

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