Saturday, March 13, 2010

Those Geezers Can Hike! Topatopa 03/13/10

Damn if it didn't finally happen! The Geezer Hike got off the ground. I must state that I give a healthy dose of respect to these guys and they give me great hope for the future. They dusted the Topa Topa trail in under 3.5 hours to the top with style. Cliff (58) kept telling Rick (59) and Jack (56) funnies like, "Oh, this is where it gets steep.", or staring up the peak said "It gets flat here.". Yeah, right. But what a great day. It started off cool with scattered low clouds and warmed a bit as we gained elevation. Near the summit the clouds would butt up against the bluffs but a brisk wind kept them off the top. A nice lunch break on the summit was a great break. We stopped to check out the falls below White Ledge Camp on the way down. The falls were in good shape. After that it was the usual long ground-pounding descent to the truck. These guys did great. Good company too.


  1. thinking about heading up there for an overnight at whiteledge, the falls are below the camp? is there a trail or just follow the stream?

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