Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Matilija Wildflowers

I've never claimed to be a student of local botany, bird identification, or geology, but after a day like today I wish I knew a bit more about the local ecology. I wish I could identify the flowers and birds I saw, especially the wood-pecker. He had black/white wings with a red crest.

Matilija Canyon is most definitely in spring and the flowers are out. Color is everywhere. The birds are out and chirping. Butterfly's flit from one bloom to another. Turtles and water-snakes bask in the sun. I saw my first rattler of the season, a feisty little pacific diamondback.

The water in the creek is running high thanks to a wet winter. The recent storms have changed the course of the stream in places. The Green pool, once long and open, is now divided by a rock-fall, and the west falls upper pool now has a beach.

Warm 70's breezes and a baptism in brisk water, after which I spent a couple of hours lounging in the sun. Not a bad way to round out the day.
I know there are alot of pictures here, but hey, it was a photogenic day. Enjoy.

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