Sunday, August 28, 2011

Matilija heat, 08/27/2011

Ladies and gentlemen, I have gotten my free time back, therefore, I am. What I am not, is a guy stuck toiling away on a brand new kitchen anymore. It's up to the professionals now. I did the front half, they do the finish work. I cannot describe how happy I am to be out in the sun and getting dirty. Even if it is 105 degrees.
Why, it was so hot I saw a snake sippin' a Slurpee. So dang hot that lizards stood in my shade. So hot the turtles took off their little shells and complained about the humidity. Well, I've walked through the furnace a time or two and good ole Satan himself has shared with me his passion fruit iced tea. And a few tips for loving the heat.
I, at times, have lived throughout the desert southwest. I've learned a fair bit about staving off heat stroke. Seen it in others plenty of times. Far easier to prevent than treat, believe you me. I always get a wry grin out of the people I see on the trail on scorching days. Most of them look distinctly unhappy. First rule: know thyself.
Despite the heat I had a really wonderful day out there. I'm that stoked to be back at the things I love, that I'd look forward to hiking in a canyon in triple digit temps. So, I look forward to making up for some lost time. See ya soon.

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