Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video: Deal Canyon & Rancho Nuevo Canyon

To watch the video click: 


  1. hi great video, did you by any chance camped at rancho nuevo campground or upper rancho nuevo (if there is any difference)
    im driving a honda civic, and was wondering if i can drive to rancho nuevo campground...cuz some roads need 4wd.. and if you didnt camped at rancho nuevo, do you know of any campground near the area of rancho nuevo or the area of which u hiked on the video?

  2. The RNC campground at the trailhead should be easily reached in your vehicle. The Upper RNC campsite is no garden spot, so no, I haven't overnighted there. If we do get rain of any quantity this weekend there should be water. Otherwise, I doubt there is any there at this time. -DS