Monday, September 7, 2009

Matilija Baptism, Return to Normalcy

This place, for me, is church. And jumping in is getting baptised.

After standing next to someone while they blew their own hand apart on Saturday I felt the need for some cleansing in the crystal waters of Matilija Canyon. I know, your thinking that this is the only place I hike, and that's true for the late summer months. When it's hot you want lots of water to jump in and this is the best that the Los Padres has to offer, a year round flow of purity, even in drought years. Also, it's a legitimate hike, a ground pounder. I never get tired of the place.
Jayson Scott and I were graced by the Blue Heron Ranch dogs, one cheerful black lab and her heavy escorts, the twin german shepherds. They tend to accompany various people visiting the canyon and today they were ours for a while. We took our time in the upper canyon, swimming when and where we wanted, exploring various things, and chating with a few other hikers. We just had a really great day... perfection. Really got my mind off the events of Saturday. And best of all, nobody shot themselves in the hand. Hope you enjoy some of the pics from today.

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