Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oahu: Topside, Part III

We were in the neighborhood so we took one afternoon to come to the city, Honolulu and Waikiki. We hit Honolulu's China Town off Bethel Street. One always finds the most unusual stuff there. Chinatown is not a tourist destination so much as a market for asian goods. Some store operators are completely disinterested in non-asian shoppers because their goods are the common place stuff of asian homes. It is always an interesting experience to wander through this historic district.
Later on towards evening we headed into the heart of Waikiki for a look around and something to eat. We started with the International Market, an open air place with vendors hawking every imaginable tourist bauble. The setting is really unique. Only here can you have this warren of stalls under ancient ficus trees less than 100ft from Hermes, Coach, Gucci, and Channel.
We have learned that the best way to see a quality luau without paying or sitting through four hours of time-share talk is to enjoy a great sunset meal at Duke's Canoe Club on the sand of Waikiki Beach, and then wander about a hundred feet east until you're in front of the Sheraton Waikiki. They have a fantastic luau show and you don't have to pay (because you're on public beach), don't have to eat pulled pork and poi ( because you didn't pay), and you get to relax on the sand as a couple instead of sit with a bunch of tourists on plastic chairs.

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