Friday, September 25, 2009

Oahu: Submerged, Part I

Want to avoid the crowds of tourists at your favorite snorkeling spots? Snorkel in a shark cage.

We had time to visit all our old favorite water spots, and the chance to make some new friends beneath the surface. I have to admit that I wish I knew the names for all the different tropicals one can see on the average Hawaiian reef. I can only identify the obvious ones: parrots, puffers, wrase's, blennys, jacks, etc... there are also the cucumbers, eels, urchins, stars, slugs, snails, crabs. The best snorkel find on the reef is the green sea turtle. Want to get in touch with your inner zen? Ask a turtle to let you swim with him. Below, a couple of the seven tutles we met during the week.

Two of the best places on Oahu to snorkel are Huanama Bay and Shark's Cove. Both sites are on all the tourist books but crowds can be avoided by putting in from another direction or at a different time of day. Of course there are reefs everywhere. The reef off our back yard in Haula Town was huge and I counted six resident turles while we lived there.

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